Combine your healthcare knowledge & writing skills to boost your income & impact

Introducing the only course dedicated to teaching clinicians like you the basics of copywriting:

Copywriting 101 for Clinicians

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Are you an SLP, OT, or PT who loves to write and is interested in…

  • Using your clinical knowledge in a non-clinical way?
  • Making extra income off of your writing?
  • Writing for healthcare businesses you love?
  • Working from anywhere in the world?
  • Writing for your own business if you’re a biz owner?

If there’s a YES in there somewhere, then I want to give you a warm introduction to the world of copywriting!


Copywriting is the writing you see on websites, sales pages, emails, ads, social media captions, and anywhere else a business puts out a message.

  • You can be a content copywriter, which means you primarily write items like blogs, newsletters, and other content to educate and nurture an audience.
  • Or you can be a conversion copywriter, which means you write sales pages, emails, ads, etc. with the goal to get readers to take action (like “buy now” or “subscribe”)

I’m an SLP turned conversion copywriter!
And that’s what this course will focus on.

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Being a talented writer isn’t enough to be an effective healthcare copywriter (even if you write killer SOAP notes).

You have to understand things like…

  • How to write scroll-stopping hooks and headlines
  • Healthcare-specific marketing guidelines (e.g. ASHA, HIPAA, etc...)
  • Who you’re speaking to based on the marketing platform
  • What the buyer’s journey is and what that means for your writing
  • How to strategize and optimize what you craft for your clients
  • What Voice of Customer data is and how to find it

…and so much more!

Why become a copywriter?

I’m not someone who will tell you what YOUR whys should be…

But I *will* tell you what my whys for being a copywriter are:

  1. I get to write for a field I love (speech-language pathology)
  2. I get to help businesses I believe in get discovered and grow
  3. I can work whenever the heck I want
  4. I can work WHEREVER the heck I want (I’ve worked in coffee shops  in Bogotá, London, Manhattan, Vieques…and I have plenty more on my list!)
  5. I get to set my pay rates.
  6. I can create a ripple effect in the therapy world through my writing

Sooo….wanna learn the very basics of conversion copywriting so you can find non-clinical freedom and flexibility in the SLP/PT/OT space?

K fine I'm interested